Athens !

Getting lost / finding ourselves in Greece

National Anthropological Museum of Athens

Cyladic Anthropomorphic Marble Figurines are the most important works of Cycladic art . They usually represent standing female naked figures whose ancient prototypes are the neolithic female figurines of the Greek mainland Aegean and Anatolia .They are made of marble in nearly every case and are of different size. (3200 to 2000 B.C.  By far one of the oldest pieces of human history I have seen).

 Bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon. Found in the sea of Cape Artemision in northern Euboea. Classical period, ca 460 BC.

Basking in the sun, on the steps of the museum

Enjoying a soccer match

This, wow.

The Parthenon 

PAPADOPOLOUS cookie (!!)

Summer 2015, when banks closed and ATM withdraws were restricted to citizens

Tomorrow, the islands.




We took a trip south to Naples, Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii.





Travels! The bit from ROMA

Hello! I am ready to share photos from the Epic 2015 tour of Europe :)

A new city every day...  Here is ROMA!!!

Monuments and food. 



I'm back from traveling / This song, now

WHAT THE WHAT?! Ugh... I can't handle words right now.

I'll be less cryptic later, I need time to process everything.



I am someone's darling


Straight from Hvar, Croatia. 



Reflections on Recent Times / The Biggest Tack / XOXO

Hello, hello, hello!

Seems like it was only weeks ago when I posted about my burgeoning sailing adventures, and shared a sliver of my moments with the Mysterious Mr. Fox. Shortly before that I wrote about the new year (strangely celebrated with a lot of 90's music... don't ask). It seems like, cumulatively, time is moving really fast, but on the day-to-day, time is moving just right: I am enjoying all the delicacies of each moment: writing, celebrations, interviews, gardening, cooking, gymming, showers, staying-up late, naps, finding directions, making plans, feeling loved, standing in the sun... I am enjoying life. In Los Angeles. This is happening.

For some months now, everything around me has reached a type of homeostasis: everything just feels right. I don't exactly know how I got here, but I know it took a lot of physical and emotional energy, effort and work.

During my epic, seemingly-reckless, yet cathartic,trip to Europe, I reconnected with a side of myself I had lost sight of for years, like a prism that forgot it had three sides. One of the major ideas I connected with was the following:
"Despite everything, I need to protect the sanctity of vacation, and the gift of losing track of time."
This I had not thought about this since being in grad school and working so hard that I tunnel-visioned into caring about my personal life as much as I care about an expired jar of pickles at any Walmart. Reading some of my entries from grad-school really make me realize that I had no perspective on the things that should matter in life, because if I had, I would have simply quit. There is no reason why I should ever fantasize about sunshine, the gym, real food, and naps, or be able to summarize my day with an image of mud-filled bags. Not that I was unhappy (I had fun here and there) - I am simply making the point that that was just not a good quality of life. Of course, the job that followed locked me into a contract that gave me 7 hrs of vacation a month, for a total of 10.5 vacation days a year. Yea, lol, no thanks, never again.

Anyway... came back from Europe fall 2013 and slipped into a solid 3-month period titled "what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life." Then, about a year ago, I decided to be happy. Just goddamn happy. I remembered I have the ability to do that! I focused on connecting with family, friends, swimming, cycling, spending time outside, eating super well, being compassionate and loving with myself. Watching what went inside my body, my mind, and my heart. Only good. Only sunshine. Only brightness. I thought that if I started this way, that the rest would follow. And it has.

Many, many things have happened since then. I should have blogged more (maybe one day I will recap...?). Even that sense of wanting to escape to Europe is gone. Not gone, gone, for sure - never gone, gone. Karimeh pointed this out today: "you will always have your wanderlust!" Ah, yes, this is true, but now I am not actively trying to escape everything. Right now, I am an active participant in my life: this. very. second.

So, dear me from October, 2013: THIS GIF GOES OUT TO YOU!

This entry declares that I have officially made a huge tack*!

*a tack denotes making a turn in sailing lingo

Of course, from where I stand, there are a million other things to share, but I have to finish some work, get a lotta sweaty in the gym, get to a meeting at 7pm in DTLA, and end the day with the Mysterious Mr. Fox. But more on all that later.



Aimee Mann's "Amateur"

Insanely beautiful song. I forgot about Aimee Mann for a second. Whenever I listen to Aimee I think of Elliott Smith too - my emotional education gurus during college.

I hope I never need this beautiful song.


1, 2, 3...