Athens !

Getting lost / finding ourselves in Greece

National Anthropological Museum of Athens

Cyladic Anthropomorphic Marble Figurines are the most important works of Cycladic art . They usually represent standing female naked figures whose ancient prototypes are the neolithic female figurines of the Greek mainland Aegean and Anatolia .They are made of marble in nearly every case and are of different size. (3200 to 2000 B.C.  By far one of the oldest pieces of human history I have seen).

 Bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon. Found in the sea of Cape Artemision in northern Euboea. Classical period, ca 460 BC.

Basking in the sun, on the steps of the museum

Enjoying a soccer match

This, wow.

The Parthenon 

PAPADOPOLOUS cookie (!!)

Summer 2015, when banks closed and ATM withdraws were restricted to citizens

Tomorrow, the islands.


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